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Insight Network provides independent research and tools to help organizations assess and improve their sustainability performance and create strategies for change.  

We mobilize carefully curated teams of researchers and experts based in the USA, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, and combine approaches from social and natural sciences. 

The network

Insight Network co-founders Wendy Weisman and Tracy Van Holt are social scientists who bring systems-thinking expertise to corporate responsibility and supply chain problem solving. 

We're a women-owned company with a home base in New York City and a global network of collaborators.  Through this nimble network, we tailor project teams and expertise to meet the needs of each project.

Our vision

Insight Network contributes to a future where corporate supply chains and services create value for stakeholders as well as shareholders, and businesses are aligned with dynamics of the social and ecological systems on which they depend.

Collaborator Spotlight

Southeast Asia

Eny Buchary, PhD (Indonesia).   Eny's work in private, non-profit and academic settings for nearly 20 years has included fisheries topics such as sustainable seafood and fisheries value chains, fisheries as social-ecological systems, governance, marine ecosystem services, small scale & data-poor fisheries, food security, ecosystem modelling, and the terrestrial-aquatic interface. Her passion is on the ground (and on the water) field work in fishing communities. Eny earned her PhD in fisheries biology at University of British Columbia Fisheries Science Centre. Eny is based in Jakarta.

North America - Atlantic Coast

 Wendy Weisman (New York).   Wendy is an environmental anthropologist and a facilitator with expertise in systems-thinking applied to sustainability challenges. Her work has included market-based incentives for sustainable fisheries, natural resource governance, food supply chain mapping, and  small-scale fisheries in emerging economy contexts.  She co-developed a Social Wellbeing in Fisheries Tool (SWIFT) to help the seafood industry assess social performance in supply chains. Wendy has conducted extended field work in Mexico.  She is based at the Center for Social Innovation in New York City.

Northern Europe

Tracy Van Holt, PhD (Sweden).  Tracy's  expertise includes trends in corporate sustainability, systematic assessments of performance for sustainability programs, network and spatial anaylsis, social-ecological system transformations, and interactions between resource uses on land at at sea in coastal areas. Tracy has extensive experience conducting multi-disciplinary research in  Chilean and southeastern US coastal fisheries, and Brazilian forests.  Tracy studies trends in sustainability reporting and  measurement. Tracy is based in Stockholm at the Royal Academy of Sweden. 

North America - Pacific Coast

Palma Ingles PhD (Alaska). Palma  has expertise in ethnographic research design, social and  environmental impact research, community resilience and climate change.  She has 15 years of experience with commercial, recreational, and subsistence  fisheries in the Southeastern US, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Alaska.  She worked for US Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska researching and managing fisheries projects with Native and rural communities.  Previously she worked for NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office conducting research with harvesters and processors, including communities in the Gulf of Mexico impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  She is based in Anchorage, Alaska.

Western Europe

Amber Himes-Cornell PhD (France).  Amber provides social science and economic expertise in fisheries policy, management, questionnaire design, implementation and analysis, qualitative  interviewing, and data management and visualization. Her recent work has focused on coastal community vulnerability and resilience, social  transformation, socio-economic impacts of climate change, marine ecosystem services, and economic valuation of marine and coastal  ecosystem services.   She is based at the European Institute of Marine Studies in Brest, France and was previously the social  scientist at NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center.   

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